These writings contain learnings, insights, and thoughts that I found interesting---mostly around design and development. I hope you find something interesting here as well!

Is two years too long for a user research project?
Insights gained from assessing the viability of a two-year user research project, along with key considerations for smooth execution.
Fingerkeys, an Apple Vision Pro Keyboard concept
I made a concept of a fully tactile keyboard experience for Apple Vision Pro
When can we say that a software is tested "enough"?
The principles and technique to help understand when test coverage can be considered as "enough".
Start with the smallest step!
Stories and learning I get from learning TDD using Jest with Typescript
Great UX can be designed, baked from the start—nope.
Remote Usability Testing Learnings
Here’s how we did our fully remote Usability Testing sessions during COVID-19 and what we learned from it.
Making a Remote Consent and NDA Form
Due to COVID-19, we are no longer able to sign the Consent and NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) Form with the participants when we meet them. Here’s how we redesigned the way we do it.
Shut Up!
You should stay silent when conducting a usability test.
What needs to be said about Non-Disclosure Agreement and Consent in Design Research
Yes, everyone knows it’s important but why is it important though?
MRT Jakarta Experience Evaluation — an Independent Study
We did a full day observation of MRT Jakarta, exploring all 13 stations, spent more than 12 hours in and out, went over 30 trips, and talked to more than 20 people ranging from students to businessmen.
How to Pick the Right Fruits
Hello, World!