Hi! my name is Fri.

I am a pragmatic problem solver whose passion is to build products and services to learn and improve people’s lives.

To make sure the solution is useful, I do various things:  research,  design,  develop,  test,  track, and  lead; utilizing an  iterative and  human centric approach.

If you’re interested, feel free to connect with me through my Github logo Github, Linkedin logo Linkedin, or Email icon email.

I also  write, mostly around  software development

I hope you find something interesting!

Is two years too long for a user research project?
Insights gained from assessing the viability of a two-year user research project, along with key considerations for smooth execution.
Fingerkeys, an Apple Vision Pro Keyboard concept
I made a concept of a fully tactile keyboard experience for Apple Vision Pro
When can we say that a software is tested "enough"?
The principles and technique to help understand when test coverage can be considered as "enough".
Start with the smallest step!
Stories and learning I get from learning TDD using Jest with Typescript
Great UX can be designed, baked from the start—nope.

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