Fri, a problem solver

I do  research,  design,  develop,  test,  track, and  lead utilizing an  iterative and  human centric approach.

Whilst my main trade is in Design and Product Management, I see myself as a problem solver. And to make sure that the solution is working, I am eager to learn and do what’s necessary. Just like Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt said in their book:

“If you’re a Pragmatic Programmer, you’ll share many of the following characteristics:

Jack of all trades: … Although your current job may require you to be a specialist, you will always be able to move on to new areas and new challenges.”

The Pragmatic Programmer, David Thomas & Andrew Hunt

And I see myself not as a Pragmatic Programmer, but as a _pragmatic problem_ solver.

 Learning journeys

If you’re more interested in a list of achievements, you can see them on my  Linkedin page or download my  latest resume (PDF, 555KB).

2020–2023 Co-founder and Chief of Product & Development of
I was trusted by the Co-founder of SomiaCX to build this together with her. In this venture, I pushed forward my previous learnings and got more hands-on with the development process—going as far as setting up and coding the automation tests myself.
2018–2020 Senior UX Consultant & Interaction Designer for Somia CX
Being a curious person, I look for experience to broaden my views and understanding of the craft. In SomiaCX, I learned:
  • about multiple different industries' challenges and similarities,
  • to manage rigorous research and design projects,
  • to be critical and quick in adapting to various user and business contexts,
  • facilitation and aligning multiple stakeholders from C-level to the field workers,
  • to be versatile in applying my skills to a wide array of different contexts, and
  • to coach and mentor others on the craft,
2017–2018 Growth Product Manager for HappyFresh
After talking with my CTO, I was given the trust and the opportunity to be a product manager. I changed the way we work so that no unnecessary work is done and we achieved it. The result is that we:
  • hardly do any wasted work
  • have a bigger ownership of the work,
  • build more practical and effective solutions that previously never thought of (one of them becomes a major contributor to the company's revenue),
  • have better relations with our stakeholders, and
  • as a team, have fun from our successes and learn from our failures
2016–2018 UX UI Designer for HappyFresh
I learned that well-researched design alone is not enough. I completed a lot of design work as well as the necessary research to produce it, but only a handful of my work ended up getting developed despite the team already practicing Scrum. I then talked to my CTO aiming to change things around.
2016 UX Consultant for Satgas P2EBT of Kementerian ESDM
Working alongside World Resources InstituteI learned how to work with the government and navigating different views from multitude stakeholders to design a working solution.
2015 Mentor and Organizer for Lean Startup Machine Jakarta
I learned to mentor and share my knowledge with others; as well as being aware of things I haven't learned myself.
2015–2016 UX UI Designer for Indonesia Untuk Dunia
I learned deeper interaction design and how to work tightly with the developers in an Agile setting.
2014–2018 Manage community and meetups (volunteer) for UXID
I learned the joy of helping other people to learn and grow; build connections and community managing.
2014–2015 UX, Content Manager, and Web Localization Expert for World Resources Institute
I learned better project management where a lot of parts are moving simultaneously.
2013 PDF Accessibility Expert for –redacted–
I learned deeper understanding of accessibility standard.
2013–2015 Chief of Comma Coworking Space
I learned the practical ways of managing a business, its financial, daily operational, marketing, and human resources; I also learned how to connect people and make collaboration happened!
2010–2018 Freelance Graphic & User Interface Designer
I learned how to work professionally with local and international clients, learned the fundamentals of design works, and developed care for my crafts.
2008–2011 Business Management Undergraduate at SBM-ITB
I learned the theory on how to manage a business and make it profitable.